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Arborside 10.5" Elm Bowl


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10.5" Shallow Elm Bowl - Handmade in Roslindale, MA by Arborside Woodcrafts (artist Carl Whitaker)
These bowls are free-hand-turned on a lathe. Large and relatively shallow. Can be used for fruit, salad, chips or even as a serving platter. I call them my Signature Bowls because their shape and proportions are unusual and sophisticated. The bowl's is rim is wide and under-cut on the inside, and the profile has an elegant curve that runs down to the "foot" or pedestal lifting it off the surface of your table. 

Each bowl is slightly different in size and shape. I try to highlight and balance the natural grain pattern in the wood. They are finished with a custom, food safe beeswax and oil mix and buffed to a rich luster. To clean you should wipe with a soft cloth and mild soap as needed. Refresh the finish with butcher block conditioner and buff to renew the luster.

Handmade in Roslindale, MA by Arborside Woodcrafts.  Artist Carl Whitaker has been a woodworker for about 50 years.  His focus in on functional turning and each unique piece is a well-crafted work of art.


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