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Big Skinny Wallets - Money Card Holder

Some people are serious about keeping their stuff organized and others just aren’t. You’re the type of person who may look disorganized but really know where everything is at a moment’s notice. Let’s just say that there’s a method to your madness, and we totally respect that, which is why we offer the Money Penny Coin Holder.  This coin purse wallet can hold 10 or more cards, cash, gum, and more. You can even forego all of this and just use it as a simple change holder for days at the Laundromat or for all of those pesky parking meters you have to keep feeding. It also has a zippered pocket on the outside for gum, memory cards, and more. This wallet coin purse also features a nifty key ring. And that’s not it! On the other side there’s a clear pocket where you can keep your ID with three more cards. Features: Main zippered pocket holds 10+ plastic cards and cash
Dimensions:  4.25" x 3.25"