Featured Artists

Wild Goose Chase is currently showcasing work by two local artists; Carolyn Lovit (Acrylic Paintings - Brookline) & Jamie Whelan (Oil Paintings - Newton)


Carolyn Lovit, Brookline MA. 


The collection is comprised of acrylic paintings, most works are 36" x 36". These paintings showcase abstract expressionism.

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Artist Statement:

I have always been fascinated by the creative process. I began my artistic career as a representational water color painter. My subject was  nature, mostly places I had been, with a focus on water and movement.  After a few years, feeling the need for further exploration, I began experimenting with abstraction and using acrylics.  My  paintings are a response to what I see, feel and hear or something that has made a major impact on me. Recent inspirations include the power felt when visiting an abandoned steel plant, personal experience, the current political environment and the work of other artists such as J.W.M. Turner, Jackson Pollock Agnes Martin and Helen Frankenthaler.
I begin a painting with an idea or an emotional reaction, rather than a vision of what it will look like when finished. I choose a color, and with a single gesture on the canvas, a dialogue opens, calling for a response. As with any conversation there are twists and turns. The process involves applying the paint, adding and changing color and texture, sometimes adding sand, mediums, or paint scrapings, applied with brushes, hands, palette knives, rug padding, chop sticks and more. I continue until the painting says "I am done".

Jamie Whelan (Newton, MA) 

Colorblock Slate 48"x24" Oil on Canvas 2017

Jamie Whelan currently resides and works just outside of Boston, MA. Her training at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts left her with traditional metal-smithing and painting skills that eventually led to the cultivation of her studio called Dogwood. While jewelry and metalwork is the primary focus of her studio, she still produces many large scale oil paintings.

The current collection on view, the Colorblock Series, features a heavily textured surface that displays a monochromatic tonal range. These paintings typically take many months to create, which is evident in the dimensional layering.


For more information on the artist, visit www.dogwoodjewelers.com