Glass Charm Seine Necklace
Glass Charm Seine Necklace

Glass Charm Seine Necklace

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Seine is part of a collection called IMPRESSIONS,  loosely based on the art and life of Claude Monet. This design is a homage to so much of his work: the reflection of light on water and the ephemeral nature of life. Mica inclusion is included to draw the eye between the colors, and perhaps, to suggest water lilies.

The artist uses thick 4mm transparent glass, in two layers, painting in between and collaging with metal inclusion. Some of the pendants in this line are one-of-a-kind and some are production -- this is a production design, which means Edo and I make it repeatedly in small batches of 20 or so at a time. Therefore, expect slight variations from what you see in these photos, as every piece is inherently unique.

The bail is silver-plated brass with a lacquer finish to protect it and to minimize tarnishing. Chain is rhodium-coated sterling silver snake, 18". 

Dimensions: 15mm x 20mm (total pendant length = 28mm)

Designed by MOMO.

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